Scam collects your royalties

Collecting royalties from users (broadcasters, producers, etc.) and distributing them to authors are two sides of the same coin and Scam’s core activities.

All Scam’s energies are directed towards one objective: collecting royalties and distributing them to authors. This is the society’s basic activity, its raison d’être.
Scam negotiates blanket licences for the exploitation of its repertoire by television broadcasters, radio broadcasters, video producers, etc. It does not negotiate the rights of this or that particular author but rather its entire repertoire made up of the hundreds of thousands of works notified by the 28,000 members.
Then Scam individually apportions the lump-sum amounts collected under those licences between all the authors whose works have been used. The diverse nature of the conditions of exploitation gives rise to very varied licensing arrangements in legal, economic and practical terms.
To receive their royalties, authors must join Scam and notify their works based on certain procedures. Once these formalities have been completed, Scam’s departments go into action.