How it operates

Decisions concerning the management of rights, the distribution of royalties and the cultural activities conducted by Scam are taken by its Board of Directors, consisting of 22 authors elected by the General Assembly and representing the various kinds of works managed by Scam. The 22 authors elect one of their number as President. The Chief Executive jointly manages the society and ensures the proper implementation of the Board’s decisions.


Once a year, the General Assembly Meeting, which all members of Scam are invited to attend, approves the annual accounts and the report of the society’s activities; it decides on the cultural and social activities and on all matters submitted by the Board of Directors.
The General Assembly thus comprises all the members of Scam, i.e. almost 28,000 rightholders. All decisions which are essential for the life of the society are submitted to it; the Assembly is sovereign. General Assembly meetings are open to all members.
Full members (sociétaires) have 100 votes, provisional full members (sociétaires-stagiaires) 50 votes and adhering members (adhérents) 10 votes.
The General Assembly meets in ordinary general meeting once a year on the first Wednesday in June. It elects the Board of Directors and takes decisions on the annual accounts, on the report of the society’s activities and on all matters submitted to it by the Board of Directors.
Scam was the first authors’ society to enable all its members to vote by post or over the Internet.


The role of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, composed of 22 authors, decides on the society’s policy. Elected for four years by the General Assembly, it is renewable by half every two years. Retiring directors are eligible for re-election but may not be re-elected less than two years after the end of their second successive mandate.

Portraits and biographies of the authors who are currently members of the Board of Directors of Scam.


Five committees, appointed by the Board of Directors, represent the various colleges of authors forming Scam’s repertoire: the Audiovisual Repertoire Committee, the Sound Repertoire Committee, the Written Works Committee, the Still Images Committee and the Journalists Committee.


Since 2001, under a provision of the Intellectual Property Code and to improve the transparency of the society’s management vis-à-vis its members, every Scam author has a right of access to the society’s documents. The special committee on members’ access to information, provided for in Article R 321-6-3 of the Intellectual Property Code, consists of six authors elected for four years by the General Assembly, renewable by half every two years.


Under the authority of the Chief Executive, Hervé Rony, a staff of over 80 works in the service of authors. Contact the departments.