The Supervisory Committee

Created by the Law of 1 August 2000, this Committee is governed by the Intellectual Property Code (Articles L.321-13 and R. 325-1 et seq.).

Currently chaired by Mr Bernard MENASSEYRE, Honorary Member of the Court of Audit, the Standing Committee for the Supervision of Royalty Collection and Distribution Societies is responsible for auditing the accounts of authors’, performers’ and producers’ royalty collection and distribution societies. The auditing method is very similar to the one adopted by the Court of Audit: it is based on the same principles of respect for a fair hearing and includes such procedural guarantees as are necessary to take account of the fact that the societies manage private funds.


> The final verification report on Scam’s cultural aid (April 2007) observations by Scam

This report, which covers the 2001-2002 financial years, summarises the 51 specific reports issued on the analysis of the accounts and management costs, on the internal control procedures, on the application of Article L. 321-9 of the IPC concerning cultural activities and on the members’ participation in the management.